Frank Zappa New York City Palladium October 31, 1981

0:00:00 Black Napkins (late show)
0:04:00 Montana (late show)
0:07:48 Easy Meat (late show)
0:14:37 Beauty Knows No Pain (late show)
0:17:33 Charlie’s Enormous Mouth (late show)
0:21:13 Fine Girl (late show)
0:24:26 Teen-age Wind (late show)
0:27:28 Harder Than Your Husband (late show)
0:30:02 Bamboozled By Love (late show)
0:35:33 We’re Turning Again (early show)
0:40:37 Alien Orifice (early show)
0:45:51 Flakes (early show)
0:51:05 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes (early show)
0:55:11 You Are What You Is (early show)
0:58:56 Mudd Club (early show)
1:01:49 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (early show)
1:05:01 Dumb All Over (early show)
1:10:43 Heavenly Bank Account (early show)
1:14:49 Suicide Chump (early show)
1:16:50 Jumbo Go Away (early show)
1:20:42 Stevie’s Spanking (late show)
1:26:43 The Torture Never Stops (late show)
1:38:35 Strictly Genteel (early & late show)
1:45:13 The Illinois Enema Bandit (late show)

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