Cal Jam II

blah blah

Bob Welch
1:11–6:05 Ebony Eyes

6:06–11:46 Interviews with some farout groovy people and not so
farout groovy people

11:47–18:54 Little Queen
18:55–24:39 Magic Man
18:40–29:14 Barracuda

Dave Mason
29:15–32:39 We Just Disagree

32:40–35:19 Art Scholl the Stunt Pilot (!?!?)

Dave Mason Continued
35:20–38:42 Let It Go, Let It Flow
38:43–42:37 Pearly Queen
42:38–45:59 Taking The Time To Find

46:00–46:45 blah blah Santana, blah blah more groovy people

46:46–49:04 Jugando
49:05–53:14 Evil Ways
53:15–59:52 Black Magic Woman
59:53–1:04:51 Soul Sacrifice

1:04:52–1:06:15 blah blah LeVar Burton

Ted Nugent
1:06:10–1:10:57 Cat Scratch Fever
1:10:58–1:11:14 yadda yadda Ted
1:11:15–1:16:04 Just What The Doctor Ordered
1:16:05–1:17:10 blah blah yadda
1:17:11–1:27:16 Motor City Madhouse
1:27:17–1:33:44 Gonzo

1:33:45–1:38:30 blah yadda yadda blah

1:38:31–1:42:47 Feels Like The First Time
1:42:48–1:43:42 blah yadda blah yadda
1:43:43–1:50:00 Starrider
1:50:01–1:54:49 Cold As Ice

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush
1:54:50–1:59:11 Purple Haze

1:59:12–2:00:08 bladda yaah stop lighting fires

2:00:09–2:03:41 Big Ten Inch Record
2:03:42–2:03:59 If you say so Steven…
2:04:00–2:08:51 Draw The Line (the best version imo)
2:08:52–2:09:42 yippee skippy
2:09:43–2:13:21 Toys In The Attic

2:13:22–2:15:09 wah wah wah wah

2:15:10–2:18:41 If You Ever Come This Way

2:18:42–2:20:21 Ending

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